This texture pack is no longer updated.

For various reasons I can't continue working on this texture pack. Thus, I made it open source. Hopefully, somebody will pick this up. This Minecraft Forum topic is still open, so please use it to post updates or comments.

Texture pack: Final version

– Here you can download the last "official" version of the pack. It's been updated for Minecraft 1.6, however I have made some adjustments so it can be used in Minecraft 1.7.4. No further updates planned, sorry. But you can still use it for mix-and-match with other packs.

Texture source files

– Feel free to re-use and modify these files, just mention my website as the origin of the work.
– The archive can be opened with 7-Zip.
– All source files are in PSD format, you will need Photoshop or GIMP to edit them.
– Most textures have the same name as in Minecraft, the rest have self explanatory file names. For block textures see terrain.psd, for item textures see items.psd.
– Unfortunately, I didn't keep layered versions of the earliest block textures. In terrain.png version 1.5 I merged all layers because it was a mess.

Customiser sources

– I don't think it's the latest version, and I can't find a newer one, so there can be bugs.
– Some knowledge of PHP is required to set it up and configure. I am not sure I could provide any support for this software. You are on your own.